Buggies cause irreparable harm to the child

If a child spends a lot of time in a child seat , stroller or carrying , then later he will face a delay in speech development and physical skills , the researchers found . This reduces the ability to freely explore the world and communicate with parents , writes The Daily Mail. As a result of the changes may affect not only the child’s performance , but also on his life. In particular, the ability to establish interpersonal communication .

Similar problems are widespread use of tablets and phones . Children who have access to these devices , at least sing , talk and play . Attention , balance, coordination, – all this work enough in the first 36 months of life. Though even here important direct eye contact with other people. But if the child is being transported in a wheelchair, to turn away from their parents , and they talk on the phone , he was unable to develop normally .

What is important , these children have the potential to do poorly in school , despite the high level of intelligence . Studies have shown that language skills are better developed in children who carry the stroller deployed parents. And the ability to move lays the foundation for the skill the task. Crawl promotes hand-eye coordination .

The refrigerator had died from cancer, women found the bodies of three infants

In one of the Minsk apartments found the bodies of three dead babies. UNIAN reported in the management of the Investigative Committee of Belarus in Minsk. As the official representative of the UCSC Belarus in Minsk, Alexander Gerasimov, according to preliminary forensic reports, investigated the bodies are apparently formed full-term babies – a boy and two girls. Prescribed set of special studies designed to assess their biological origins of particular parents, to establish whether they are dead or alive were born. An unexpected discovery was made in the evening on January 22, 41, Minsker, coming into the apartment died of cancer concubine, to bring order. In the freezer in the apartment 36-year-old woman, who died on January 19, he found the body baby, as reported in the Frunze district police department of the capital. “A careful examination of investigative team found in the freezer three such sample. Was appointed forensics. Tell right away that it was found – dead babies, or human embryos, the experts could not, since the samples were frozen,” – stressed in USAC Belarus on Minsk. At a press conference in Minsk, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Valentin Shaev, a forensic examination could be made only on January 24. The murder of three infants criminal case under part 2, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of Belarus st.139 (murder of three young obviously)

Basildon clinic was at the center of scandal when the surgeon removed the part of the body

Surgeon removed the portion of the lung. Surgeon Hospital of Basildon in Essex caused a scandal by removing one of the patients and the healthy part of the light leaving the patient. According to The Daily Mail, a doctor mistakenly cut the upper body, the lower the patient. Woman luckily survived the operation, which only worsened her condition. But now for the medical establishment took the police, who finds out why the error occurred. Some of my colleagues surgeon suspected that the error was in the patient’s medical record. As before, the doctor carefully examines the history of the disease and its mission. However, the hospital claim that such errors could happen. However, no theories as to why the incident occurred, not declared and left the police investigation. Because of the illegal operation at the clinic was Basildon treat fewer patients, as confidence in her doctors seriously declined.

24-year-old Lee Kyung Hwan jumped from the roof of his house and died on the way to hospital.

Lee Kyung Hwan jumped from the roof of his home South Korean footballer Lee Kyung Hwan, who was banned for life for match-fixing organization, committed suicide. 24-year-old jumped from the roof of his home in the city of Incheon and died on the way to hospital. Lee Kyung Hwan  of South Korean clubs playing “Techzhon Citizen” and “Suwon Samsung Bluvingz.” In 2011, during the investigation of match-fixing in the Korean football player confessed that he was involved in these games. For it received a lifetime suspension and  three years in prison on probation. Lee Kyung Hwan became the fourth defendant in the case, who committed suicide. In May 2011, 29-year-old midfielder club’s third division Jeong Jong Kwan hanged himself in his own apartment. In October of the same year, took his own life coach one of the teams Lee Soo Chul. Also killed himself accused of involvement in the contract matches the goalkeeper, “Incheon United” Yoon Ki Won.

Crimean suicide chosen 13th floor of the house number 13


House number 13 on the street Zhukova in Simferopol for the second time in six months was in the epicenter of the Black Chronicle. This time with a 13th floor apartment buildings jumped woman, according to a story TSN. Summer is here took his own life 16-year-old girl. She jumped from the 14th floor. The identity of today’s suicide has not yet been set. As the reasons that led her to kill herself. According to residents of the house, the women are not aware of. Suggest that in order to go to the entrance, closed to the code lock, she waited until someone comes out. Rose on a platform between the elevator and the stairs, broke the glass and jumped out of the window. His woman left his bag, but no documents, no phone was not there. Suicide note she left. “Her age is about 25-30 years old, the person is being set. Main version is suicide” – explained the press officer of the State Ministry of Interior of Ukraine in Crimea Olga Bogoslavskaya.